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Martin Compound Bows

Martin Compound Bows

Martin compound bows run the gamut from trustworthy, affordable hunting bows with a few features to the most overpowered, beastly models on the market. Pay top-dollar for every feature imaginable, or get a good-quality bow at a great price. It all comes down to your budget and your needs in the moment, and for that, our sales team can help. Our staffers are active in the sport and will help you find solutions to whatever problems you may have during an order.

For those who want a good, sturdy bow for everyday practice and use, the Martin Threshold compound bow is an excellent choice. Not only is it powerful, fast and lightweight, but it’s also very affordable. You’ll be hard-pressed to find a better bow for the cost. The Threshold includes adjustable cams for swift and easy draws. It comes in two versions — one for adults and another for youth.

Martin is known, however, for their futuristic and super-slick Xenon bow. They saw fit to release the Xenon 2.0 with improved Silk cams, easily adjustable draw lengths from 25 – 31” and robust accessory packages, including Martin quivers, stabilizers, biscuit rests, sights, slings and peeps and tubing. The manufacturer is also very good with releasing several different types of offers, so whether you shoot more for sport or show, we have the gear and accessories you need to help you step up your game!

Some of our favorite heavy-duty bows are made by the manufacturer, like Martin Stratos CR compound bows. These units are capable of taking a beating, yet they’re lightweight and are insulated to stay warm in the cold. The Stratos CR looks intense and has the strength to match. The carbon frame is surprisingly durable and capable of standing up under tremendous stress.

Martin Carbon Vapor compound bows combine those same benefits with ultra-fast and accurate shooting. Enjoy speeds up to 330 fps and quality that just won’t quit. Available in Flat Black and Mossy Oak Infinity, your Carbon Vapor has the refined look every serious bow enthusiast is after.

Of course, if you’re in the market for something extra special, check out the new Martin Lithium LTD compound bows available. The latest installment to Martin’s Phenix series, the Lithium LTD offers up improved strength and ease-of-use. This versatile bow is as capable in the field as it is in a target or paper competition. Use it anywhere and rely on the strength and reliability of one of the newest, most enterprising brands in the industry.

Whether you’re looking for a basic bow or a model running in beast mode, Martin has exactly what you’re looking for. Peruse our generous selection of available units or ask a member of our knowledgeable sales team for help.

Martin Compound Bows

Martin Threshold Compound Bow Package 40# Right Hand
Martin Threshold Compound Bow Package 40# Right Hand

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