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Stryker Crossbows

Stryker Crossbows

If you’re looking for a truly powerful, exhilarating shooting experience, consider one of our Stryker crossbows. The brand is one of the best in the business. They’re a bit more expensive than your typical compound bow, but the extra cost goes toward features you can’t find in other apparatus. They’re known for being fast, accurate and ghostly quiet, taking you a long way toward your archery goals when you’re in the wild.

Excited to take a look at our selection? You should be. We carry the best models in the best packages you’ll find online. You won’t cringe at our prices, either. Just take a look at all we have to offer.

  • The new Stryker Katana crossbow is a high-efficiency model featuring ease-of-use and stellar performance. You won’t hear a whisper upon pulling the trigger, and your arrows are sure to hit their mark. This is also one of the few models you’ll find that allow for de-cocking, an important safety feature that demonstrates the ultimate convenience you get with this model.

    Choose the right Stryker Katana crossbow package for you. We offer a select number of colors and accessories to ensure you get the best shooting experience straight out of the shipping box. With a powerhouse like the Katana, you really want extras like our C2 Crank Cocker to see the full benefits.

  • The Stryker Offspring crossbow is a hearty budget selection with ultra-fast release. Hit speeds of 360 fps and hit your target in the blink of an eye. The attached Dead-Zone Multi-Reticle scope ensures your Three Octane Accustrike carbon arrows always hit their mark. You can select the Stryker Offspring crossbow package that fits your lifestyle too, with crank and your choice of black or mossy camo.

  • Our premium crossbow package, of course, features the Stryker Solution LS. Made with the latest technology available and rated a jaw-dropping 390 fps, you simply can’t find a better model. It has a cease-fire secondary safety and a new high-efficiency cam system. You’ll find the Solution a luxury option with all the features you want when you’re hunting game. Our Stryker Solution crossbow prices won’t keep this model out of reach of enthusiasts, either.

  • Whether you’re looking for a Solution or a Stryker Offspring for sale, pay attention to our listings and keep your eye out for deals. If archery is your passion, look to Outdoors Experience for all your supply and equipment solutions. Not only do we keep costs reasonable, our staff is also carefully selected to provide you with the best buying assistance available. We go to great lengths to ensure our hires are active hunters and recreational shooters. They have the hands-on experience you need to trust their advice!

    Stryker Crossbows