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Barnett Compound Bows

Barnett Compound Bows

When shopping youth Barnett compound bows for sale at Outdoors Experience, keep in mind the expertise of our staff. While we do our best to provide you with complete listing information, nothing can replace first-hand use. All of our salespeople use compound bows and crossbows for hunting and shooting practice. We’ll provide you with fast, accurate answers to any of your questions.

If you’re looking for a specific Barnett compound bow for sale, peruse our pages. We offer the most popular models available in adult and youth versions. It’s never too early to start a child on the benefits of bow use, and a high-tech option like the Barnett Vortex Lite Youth Compound Bow, for instance, makes that extra special. Why? It has spectacular features, such as:

• An adjustable draw weight of 19 – 29#

• An adjustable draw length of 22 – 27”

• Lightweight construction for easy handling

• Full accessory package containing quiver, sight and two arrows

• It’s perfect for the youngest archers

The Barnett Vortex Youth Bow Package, in comparison, has a draw weight of 24 – 45# for the slightly older enthusiast. It comes with an adjustable sight, three arrows and an arrow holder. Neither youth bow requires a bow press, making use easy and efficient.

The Barnett Vortex Hunter Compound Bow delivers when it comes to big game. This is the perfect choice for the first time your young bow hunter targets larger prey. Constructed to ATA/AMO standards, you can count on a Hunter staying together through several seasons. It has a 45 – 60# draw weight and adjustable 25 5/8” – 30 1/8” draw length to accommodate juniors. Accessories include:

• An arrow rest

• 2-piece quiver

• A fiber optic 3-pin sight

Barnett Vortex Compound Bows are all good choices for the serious budding bow enthusiast, but there may be a better choice for the younger would-be hunter. The Barnett Tomcat Youth Compound Bow is the smallest of the bunch, with a draw of 21 – 23” and a draw weight of 16 – 22#. It also has a few extra-special features, such as the soft touch finger rollers and 3-pin Brightglo sight to help your youngest become an enthusiast for life.

Youth bows help you introduce a love of archery to your child, from the green or pink Tomcat bows with kid-friendly bells and whistles to the Vortex Youth and Youth Lite, perfectly suited to a serious bow hunter in the making. Share your love of the great outdoors with the youngest generation with high-quality archery gear suitable for hunting or backyard practice. All Barnett compound bows are made to the highest standards, and as a leading name in the industry, their products retain high resell value.

Set your sights on years of enjoyment with help with a trusted bow manufacturer when you purchase youth Barnett bows from

Barnett Compound Bows