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PSE Compound Bows

PSE Compound Bows

PSE compound bow prices fluctuate each time they come out with a new model, and this is one prolific manufacturer! We have all their most popular new bows for 2016 ready to go in our store. If you’re looking for power, speed and loads of features, you’ve found the perfect company. They don’t skimp on children’s bows, either! You’ll find the same high-quality accessories for youth bows as you will for all the rest of PSE’s models.

For instance, the PSE Fever compound bow has an IBO of 304 fps. Draw length adjusts from 11 – 29” over time. The bows sport a number of edgy designs, such as:

• Skullworks 2 Camo

• Country Camo

• Purple Rain

PSE ships select Fever models with the RTS accessory pack containing:

• Gemini sight

• Whisker biscuit rest

• Shadow quiver

• Peep wheel

• Nock set

Kids get everything they need to develop their skills to young adulthood. That’s not their only choice, either. Outdoors Experiences carries three youth-appropriate bows. The PSE Mini Burner XT compound bow is fit with adjustable Cam-VS technology and mini-limb features that grow with your child. It has a draw length of 11 – 28” and an IBO speed of 276 fps at 28” out.

The PSE Discovery 2 bow enjoys a punchy 29# draw weight, and the compact size that’s great for kids also makes this a good option for bow fishing.

One thing you’ll note repeatedly in PSE bow reviews is the high-value mentioned for the price. Top brands are making comparable bows for sometimes twice the cost. What matters is the features you’re after. If your concern is a fast and flashy bow you can have fun with at the range or in the field, PSE is an excellent choice.

Consider the new PSE Brute Force Lite compound bows for sale. These models were redesigned for 2016 to create smoother flow and faster release. PSE included their Madness Hybrid Cam technology featuring ridiculously simple adjustability. The draw length is 25 – 31”, with draw weights of 50#, 60# and 70#.

The PSE compound bow Brute Force Lite delivers a peppy 324 fps, but the surprising thing is how common the speed is among all their products. Other top-selling models include PSE Stinger X and PSE Bow Madness Epix (developed with Drury Outdoors). The company is on the cutting-edge of tech developments aimed at making bows faster, easier to use and cheaper while improving durability and aesthetic appeal.

With so many different models to choose from, our sales team is ready to help you decide. When you shop with Outdoors Experience, you get the benefit of our knowledgeable customer service. Our staff uses the products we sell every day and are your #1 source for fast access to the accurate information you need to complete your PSE order. Don’t hesitate to ask for assistance today!

PSE Compound Bows

PSE Discovery 2 Compound Bow Blue
PSE Discovery 2 Compound Bow Blue

Regular price: $199.00Select Options
PSE Discovery 2 Compound Bow Red
PSE Discovery 2 Compound Bow Red

Regular price: $199.00Select Options