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Crossbow Cocking Device
The new 150 lb. or heavier crossbows are difficult for most to cock by hand. At we recommend using a Crossbow Cocking Device whenever possible. A cocking device will cock the crossbow the same each time which allows for better consistency.

At we carry the popular rope cocking device which will work on most Crossbows. In addition to the rope cocker, we also carry crank cocking devices for most of our models. sells Barnett cocking devices, Horton cocking devices, Excalibur cocking devices, TenPoint cocking devices and crossbow cocking devices from more leading manufacturers.

Rope crossbow cocking devices will reduce the effort to cock a crossbow by one-half. Most of the crank cocking devices reduce the effort down to 16lbs or less, which will come in handy when sighting in or target shooting.

Please contact us at via email or our toll free number if you have any questions regarding our crossbow cocking devices.

Crossbow Cocking Device