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Fleetwood Archery Recurve Bows

Fleetwood Archery Recurve Bows

At Outdoors Experience , we’re always on the lookout for a good value, and Fleetwood Archery bows stand out for several reasons. They’re much more affordable than other brands in our store, but they’re also durable, capable and fun to use. More importantly, they offer features many lines ignore, such as left-handed bows and lengths from 54 – 66”.

That said, these are barebones packages. You won’t find sites, stringers or other accessories included , so make sure you’re covering all the bases before you complete your order. If you need assistance, please contact our helpful sales staff. Not only do they go out of their way to help solve your problems, but they’re active recreational and sport bow users, as well. This puts our team in a unique position of being able to answer your questions accurately in the shortest time possible. Our experts can tell you how many times a Fleetwood would be perfect for your given situation.

Other sites may not carry the Fleetwood Archery Monarch takedown recurve bow 62”, for instance, simply because it’s listed at the low end of pricing. This sometimes denotes poor quality, but that isn’t the case with Fleetwood. The Monarch is available in two lengths and in models for left- and right-handed archers. The construction is wood overlaid with black fiberglass. There’s also a hardwood riser in a comfort grip pattern, though it’s a far cry from the plush components you’ll find on certain bows. But what it lacks in creature comforts, the Monarch more than makes up for in accuracy and reliability.

Laminated maple and fiberglass limbs provide the sturdy construction needed to put the Fleetwood Knight recurve bow to use. With a 66-inch length and aluminum riser, you have the foundation for a satisfying day of hunting or shooting. The Knight comes in three colors — blue, red and black — and enjoys an ergonomic design to keep arms and hands from becoming fatigued.

The Fleetwood Spartan takedown recurve bow is our flagship model for the brand, with impressive styling that’s easily worth twice what you’ll pay for it. The 60-inch bow is black fiberglass over a wood core with reinforced tips and a hardwood riser. Dual-pin limb alignment helps keep the bow sturdy, while a choice of left- or right-handed design make it a suitable solution for any customer. Besides that, the appearance is just plain cool. You’ll feel like a pro heading into any situation with a Spartan slung over one shoulder.

If you’ve been waiting for prices to fall to add a bow to your collection, take a look at our latest Fleetwood takedown recurve bow selection. Despite the low price point, you can count on them to provide fast and accurate shooting for years to come.

Fleetwood Archery Recurve Bows