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G5 Quest Compound Bows

G5 Quest Compound Bows

Are you searching for a reliable bow that is comfortable and fun to carry? G5 Quest makes a line of bows perfect for every sort of hunter and enthusiast. Youíll appreciate the workhorse aspect of the brand, along with an impressive array of colors. Suitable to young and old alike, our G5 Quest stock provides you with a number of options perfect for a full-range of skill levels.

For an all-around bow thatís good in any weather, select the Quest G5 Forge compound bow. With a Stabilite riser made of machined aluminum and Durafinish to protect your gear, youíll never have to fear that rain or snow will break down your favorite bow. Muscle through those poor conditions confident that your G5 Quest compound bow will carry on. Itís built for comfort and accuracy in any situation, with a fluid cam, string suppressor and draw length broken down into half-inch increments.

With an IBO speed of 340 fps, itís easy to see where the Quest AMP bow really shines. Itís one of the fastest models on the market, and its design furthers that by capitalizing on technology that allows for quick changes. Rotation Adjusting Drawlength, or R.A.D. cams, make it easy to make adjustments needed in the field in the blink of an eye. A Stabilite riser, string suppressor and LIMBSAVER dampener make the G5 Quest AMP compound bow a comfortable and quick experience every single time.

What if you have a child who wants a rugged bow capable of keeping up with a workload? Thatís why we carry the G5 Quest Radical compound bow. Itís built to grow with a child enthusiast into adulthood. Available in several color schemes, itís the practical elements that make it such a hit among parents and kids alike. Features like the easily adjustable cam with no need for a bow press. The draw length is 17.5 Ė 30Ē. The draw weight ranges from 15 Ė 70#. That provides more than enough room for a young archer to develop their skills.

However, the Quest by G5 Radical compound bow is not the only choice for smaller shooters. The G5 Quest Storm compound bow is perfect for those of slight stature with a taste for the sport. Featuring a slimmed-down Stabilite riser, shorter draw lengths, lighter draw weights and the same durable construction and finish, the Storm is an excellent choice for those looking for power on a smaller scale.

G5 Quest compound bows never fail to impress, which is why we carry such an assortment. You can always count on Outdoors Experience to provide you with the best of the best. Not only are we an established name in the archery gear and supplies industries, but weíre also actively involved in recreation and sport use. Trust one of our experiences sales staff members to assist you to your satisfaction!

G5 Quest Compound Bows