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Hot Shot Eclipse 3 Finger Release

Hot Shot
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With it’s enhanced handle curve, the Eclipse is secure and stable during draw, anchors rock-solid and provides exceptional leverage while squeezing off the shot allowing it to fall easily into the “great release” category. A kin to its predecessors, the Eclipse boasts additional surface area on the handle for unparalleled comfort eliminating finger tingle, numbness and dead hand. Hot Shot’s exclusive 2-Thirds™ case design is once again employed to ensure each internal part stays in place to eliminate sear misalignment and misfires. Using only the highest quality materials, the Eclipse’s case is precision milled from high-grade aluminum for extreme durability and anodized with a textured, flat black finish that created a unparalleled grip and a bad-ass, stealth look on the target line or in the treestand.

Available in three and four finger models the Eclipse offers dual-locking screw adjustment for trigger travel and trigger tension, while a multiple axis thumb post permits exceptional adjustment for projection, tilt and distance adjustment for an exact fit to any hand size or shooting style.

We have upgraded our internal components to improve sear interaction for and even smoother, crisper shot than ever experienced before while still using Hot Shot’s exclusive Titanium-Diamond Nitride™ coating and hardening process. This exclusive process yields stronger parts with 60-percent less friction than 440 Stainless Steel while pledging the hook and sear system won’t exhibit any brittleness under even the most extreme working conditions. This year, shoot lights out with a Hot Shot Eclipse.